Water Damage Restoration

At Service Pro Restoration, we are specialists in dealing with all aspects of water damage and property recovery. We have highly trained technicians with the equipment and the expertise to limit water damage and restore your property.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

We use only the best methods for completing water damage restorations.

The water damage restoration process starts with removing all the water from the home first. The carpet padding then needs to be removed and disposed of. Luckily, we keep samples of the padding to ensure you receive a similar quality for replacement.

The next step is properly drying the whole house and all its contents. This step also includes eliminating the moisture and restoring the balance in the house. There is specialized equipment used to make sure that both the moisture and water are completely eliminated even in the hard to reach areas.

Our experts then treat your entire house with a hospital-grade antifungal agent which prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Taking Care to Prevent Further Damage

Furniture is moved and reset on styrofoam blocks to limit further damage. Affected things and furniture can typically be restored to a pre-loss state using industry-leading technologies like the Esporta Wash System and Fireline Ultrasonic System.

Throughout the home flood restoration process, our technicians monitor moisture levels to verify that the drying of your home is timely and successful. Once moisture levels have been reduced to normal, the drying equipment is removed — and you can get back to normal.

Service pro Restoration uses state-of-the-art drying equipment and industry-approved methods to extract the maximum amount of water in the least amount of time from your home — including places where moisture hide.

Moisture Cannot Escape Our Water Damage Restoration Company

Throughout the water damage restoration process, our technicians continue to monitor moisture levels in your home. Once the procedure is complete, you can immediately return to your normal routine.

Service Pro Restoration uses state-of-the-art technology and the industry’s tried and true procedures to extract every ounce of water out of your home in the least amount of time.

Stopping Water Damage Dead in Its Tracks

Our processes lead to water damage been stopped dead in its tracks. We prevent water from coming into the property, drain away what was there and dry everything out. The process has to be performed systematically to make sure the damage has ceased, and the problem will not resurface at some point in the future.

Halting water damage in its tracks

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Twenty-Four Hour Emergency Water Damage Removal - Professional Water Removal Services

Since we provide 24-hour services, dealing with water damage is made easy. We respond immediately you contact us to help ensure as much of your house as possible is restored quickly. Supplying 24-hour services also ensures that your property isn’t damaged any more than necessary.

Have a Flooded House? We can be there in under 2 hours!

In the event of flood emergencies, or any restoration emergencies, contact us now, and our team of specialists will be there in under 2 hours.

Our Experienced Techs Can Tackle Any Problem

Experienced staff is priceless when it comes to conducting the best performing water damage and restoration company within the Charlotte area.

Our techs have done it all before and know what to do to undo or limit water damage.

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Sudden and accidental water damage can occur when you least expect it. A quick response from a reputable water damage restorer is critical to reversing the damage. So, for quick emergency assistance, contact Service Pro Restoration today!